How to boot into Safe Mode Alcatel STAR & IDOL

enter in safe mode alcatel star idol xpop mpop

In this post I will describe how to boot into Safe Mode on Android device Alcatel STAR, IDOL, XPOP, MPOP and others and actually for what it's used.
Мany Windows users know Safe Mode is a place where you can uninstall, install, remove something like Repair center.
So on Android Safe Mode is the same if your phone makes the problem of the nature of force close you need to perform this action.On Safe Mode all third pary apps are disabled and you can uninstall if you think there is a problem on some apps that you installed earlier.After rebooting in normal mode all apps will be restored at normal state.

  1. To boot into Safe Mode you need to Hold Power off button on power menu like on screen shot.
  2. Will be appear new window with message "Do you want to reboot into Safe Mode ? and you need to confirm to reboot into Safe Mode.
  3. When phone booted into Safe Mode at bottom right cornel will display the caption "Safe Mode" this means that you are Safe Mode then I hope you know what you are doing.

reboot into safe mode android alcatel star

boot into safe mode alcatel star idol
safe mode boot android alcatel star idol

Xposed Framework beautify your phone without modifiying any apk

xposed framework change your android look easily

What's excatly Xposed Framework ?
It's App that modify your Android User Interface like statusbar tweaks, display tweaks, navigation bar tweaks, phone tweaks, media tweaks, power tweaks, hardware keys tweaks, advanced power menu(I mean reboot to recovery, shutdown, reboot) changing icons, changing colors of statusbar, transparent notification bar, turning capacitive buttons for notifications and many many more awesome modifications & tweaks.

Let's describe in this way:
Xposed Framework app borrows with Xposed Modules.
Framework is heart of operation but Modules is the other major part of the operation.Also Xposed Framework can not operate without Modules and vice versa.
Each Module have different features that developed by different person.

Disclaimer: We( or developer of this APP are not responsible for any damage on your phone after installation this APP.
I recommend for some reason, please make a full Nandroid backup of your whole system.I think no high risk of hard bricking only soft bricking like bootloop.

How to install Xposed Framework & download Modules:

- first your phone must be Rooted [for rooting check - here and here]
- you need to download Xposed Framework from developer site - here
- Modules you can directly download from Xposed Framework or manual download as first download on PC or on Phone then install like normal app

1. So when you have already on your phone latest Xposed Framework.
2. Install apk file like normal app
3. Then you need to activate/install Xposed Framework:

xposed framework installation instructions

install xposed framework and modules

how to install xposed framework on android

4.As you can see on screen shot you need to reboot your phone to working Xposed Framework.

change statusbar without modification apk

5. After rebooting launch Xposed Framework and go to Modules and you can install any Modules but not all are compatible and working.

how to install modules on xposed framework

6. I tried all Modules but for my Alcatel STAR 6010x only works GravityBox, Xblast Tools and some smalls like Advanced power menu.
But GravityBox have a set of amazing features that will work on most Android phones your phone.
7. Here's the GravityBox Module download from button & install.

gravitybox module for xposed framework

xblast tools module xposed framework

8. After installation of Module you need and this to activate you will see notification with warning for activation.

modules for xposed framework

9. Now you have installed Xposed Framework & amazing Module GravityBox.Experiment with features inside and that's it like a playing game no any modification on apk:)
note: don't forget to reboot phone after playing with Module to take effect.
note: If you don't like this app you can easily uninstall as you go to Xposed Framework app and go to first option Framework then "Clean up".

for more information visit original source:
developer of Xposed Framework: rovo89

How to change bootlogo of MediaTek Alcatel STAR & IDOL

how to change boot logo alcatel one touch star idol mpop xpop

Do you want to modify or create new one bootlogo for your Alcatel STAR, IDOL or another MediaTek Android devices yes you're on the right place.
Today I am going to show you how to change easily bootlogo on your MediaTek device.
A little explanation of what is Bootlogo:
Bootlogo is first screen that you see on first booting on your Alcatel STAR, IDOL or other MediaTek Android device.
Alcatel STAR, IDOL & other MediaTek device has three boot screens:
- first - logo.bin;
- second - boot_logo located in /system/media/images;
- third - the default bootanimation for all Android devices simple changable from newbies;

For changing logo.bin(first screen) follow this guide:

you need from logo.bin and Logo builder:
Logo Builder is a PC tool with features for editing logo.bin & boot_logo.
Logo Builder by Kadan - download
Logo Builder official webpage - link

DISCLAIMER: We( are not responsible for any damage on your phone after following this TUTORIAL.DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

1.Extract zip somewhere to PC and launch Logo Builder.

changing bootlogo mtk alcatel star idol

2.Press Create new project and find your logo.bin file then save all contained images from logo.bin to anyplace on your PC.
3.You will see this screen after saving logo.bin contained images.

logo.bin editin alcatel mtk

4.You can remove first image go to destination folder which you saved logo.bin images.
note:dimensions of new image/picture need to should be the same with original file with extension png and same file name(img1.png on my Alcatel STAR) otherwise you will see a broken screen if you do not follow these recommendations.

bootsplash chaning alcatel star idol mediatek

5.After you replacing old images with new ones  you can use Make option.
On Logo Builder one of good features is making for easily flashing logo.bin via TWRP or CWM recovery.
6.Take your from folder that program saved and copy to SDCARD.
7.Boot into Recovery and install & Enjoy!!!

For changing boot_logo(second screen):

1.Press arrow to create new boot_logo
2.Choose your image that you like and save new boot_logo to anyplace then copy to SDCARD.
3.You need to manualy replace boot_logo to /system/media/images with old and set permissions to 777(all checkboxes).

boot_logo change mediatek alcatel star

Original logo.bin files:

- Alcatel 4030x - download 
- Alcatel 4030d - download 
- Alcatel 6010x - download 
- Alcatel 6010d - download 
- Alcatel 6030x - download 
- Alcatel 6030d - download 

Samsung Galaxy S3 TouchWiz Launcher for Alcatel STAR & IDOL

samsung galaxy s3 launcher for alcatel star idol

Samsung Galaxy S3 Launcher for Alcatel STAR & IDOL

Brilliant Launcher from Samsung Galaxy S3 for Alcatel STAR & IDOL and will work on other Android GB, ICS or JB devices actually launcher is for Samsung Galaxy Y.

Launcher is really beautiful style working smoothly with super visual effects like on Samsung Galaxy S3 device also icons is original stock from Galaxy S3.
Another thing launcher have integrated stock colorful wallapers pack from Samsung Galaxy S3 as you seen on screen shots.

Features of Launcher:
- Shake to switch wallaper
- Desktop transition effects
- App drawer transition effects
- Effect on pressing icons
- Dowloaded apps tab in app drawer
- Themes
and more inside

DISCLAIMER: We( or developer of this APP are not responsible for any damage on your phone after installing this APP.DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

How to install:

  1. You need to download flashable zip Galaxy S3 launcher from - here and copy to sdcard.
  2. Then enter into CWM or TWRP(I using TWRP because CWM not fully functional for yet).
  3. Next step you need mount system:
    - if you're using CWM recovery->go to mounts and storage look at system and mount;
    - if you're usiing TWRP recovery->go to mount and mount system;
  4. Next step you need to install flashable zip:
    - if you're using CWM recovery->go to install zip from sd->scroll to zip file and press yes;
    - if you're usiing TWRP recovery->go to install->scroll to zip file->then swipe to confirm;
  5. That's it Reboot phone and Enjoy for this great launcher!!! 
Warning: If you do not like this launcher you can easily remove by installing flashable uninstaller via CWM or TWRP recovery.
GalaxyS3 Uninstaller Download from - here 

All credits & thanks to developer - SaM-RoN

[MOD] Press volume keys to switch tracks on Alcatel One Touch STAR 6010

long press skip songs for alcatel star, idol, xpop, mpop, spop

Since we do not have any custom ROMs and CyanogenMod I decided to remap volume buttons on my Alcatel One Touch STAR 6010x because I use it and need that.
I did edit on volume buttons like feature on CyanogenMod ROM most of you know what I mean long press to skip song with volume keys.
You can switch tracks when screen is turned off & turned on.
Switching of tracks is very fast working with most Android music players included stock player.
MOD will work on other models Alcatel IDOL, XPOP, MPOP, SPOP etc.

Open your Music Player then press to switch tracks/songs with VOLUME DOWN button 
You can't decrease volume because it is used but you can increase with VOLUME UP

DISCLAIMER: We( not responsible for any damage on your phone after installing this MOD.


I created a that you can easily flash via CWM or TWRP Recovery!!!

  1. Download from - here
  2. Reboot phone and boot into CWM or TWRP- important: Mount system before installing
  3. Install zip from sd
  4. Reboot & Enjoy on this great mod!
If you don't like this mod you can restore to original state here's but again mount system before installing!!!

Battery saver app for one sim versions Alcatel STAR & IDOL

alcatel star battery saver app
I noticed on Alcatel STAR 6010D(dual sim) attending application called Battery Saver and not exist on my Alcatel STAR 6010X(one sim).
Let me introduce you with Battery Saver application.
Battery saver is very useful app on Alcatel Android phones which lies concealed active in notifications show time remaining on Active use and current Mode.

Battery saver shows time remaining on Active use:
- for Calls
- for Internet
- for Reading
- for Music

You can set battery saver on follow modes: 
- General(Haptic feedback is on and orientation is on brightness level at 30%).
- Optimal(everything's turned off & brightness levet at 20%).
- Sleep(this mod will be turning off all Networks, Wifi, Data connection, Bluetooth, GPS, Auto-sync you can't make a call only set when you go to bed).

One more great features:
You can set when power is lower than 10-20-30-40% to automatically switching specific mode.
Another feature you can for a specified time switching mode e.g. from 22:00 to 06:00.

Some Tips:
A mode is a special setting that changes and affects battery life usage.
General mode Optimal mode and Sleep mode are preset modes used to conserve battery life.These preset modes cannot be edited or deleted.

New modes can be added, customized and easily switched out to fit your user needs.
note: custom modes may not efficiently help extend battery life.

Custom modes can be edited or deleted by long pressing the mode icon.Make sure that the mode has been deactivated and not in use before you deleted it.


battery saver alcatel star idol

How to restore already created backup with Sp Flash Tool of Alcatel STAR, IDOL and all MTK devices

how to restore backup of alcatel one touch star idol xpop mpop spop with sp flash tool

Note: this post is related to this

In the previous post we have described How to do full backup of Alcatel STAR, IDOL and etc. now we will countinue post by the following How to restore alreday created backup of Alcatel STAR, IDOL and etc.Let's all learn how to do this.

So, what's needed again:

  • MTK VCOM Drivers - link
  • ADB Drivers - link
  • Sp Flash Tool - link
  • MTK Droid Tools - link
  • USB Cable from package

Your warranty is now void after using this tutorial.
We [ALCATELSTAR.BLOGSPOT.COM] not resposible for any damage of your Androd(like bricking, not turning on ,dead sdcard etc.) after using this tutorial.

  1. Install all above drivers or skip this step if you have already installed.
  2. Install/extract Sp Flash Tool & MTK Droid Tools to somewhere on PC.
  3. Launch green Android icon from folder MTK Droid Tools and go to root, backup, recovery.

    mtk droid tool backup alcatel star idol xpop mpop spop
  4. Plug USB cable and wait to drivers to installed.
  5. On root, backup, recovery scroll to down and look at "To proccess file ROM_ from Flash Tool"(this means To prepare files for Sp Flash Tool on the basis of the ROM file, received by function ReadBack in Sp Flash Tool) in a few words that means to split created backup in Sp Flash Tool into pieces in understandable variant that can be restore back to Sp Flash Tool so еnough talking let's continue choose ROM file.
  6. When you press on above option and load ROM file proccess will begin to perform spliting of files it will take about 5 minutes or less.
  7. Once the process is finished displayed "task is complete" all files will be saved on MTK DROID TOOLS/backups/Alcatel..../

    mtk droid tools backup mtk alcatel star idol
  8. Alright! almost done bit stuck :)
  9. Launch Sp flash Tool exe from folder.
Load scatter file from splited folder and all images will be loaded with the exception of RECOVERY,CUSTPACK and MOBILE_INFO you need to load manual:
- RECOVERY(under name factory_NONmodified_recovery.img)
- CUSTPACK(custpack2.img)
- MOBILE_INFO(same mobile_info.img)

sp flash tool load scatter

Final screen will like next and press DOWNLOAD button to restore backup then plug USB cable proccess will take over 5 minutes.
You will get message Download warning: Not all images are correctly loaded, which may cause boot up issue! Do you still want to go on downloading anyway ?
sp flash tool download alcatel star idol


I hope I've helped many of you :)